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Update Time:2019/6/13
1. Which specifications of lutein you have?
We have Max E-Sight™ Lutein Powder : 5%-90%
Max E-Sight™ Lutein CWS 5%
Max E-Sight™ Lutein Oil : 20%,30%,40%
Max E-Sight™ Lutein DC 10%

2. How about packing and loading?
Lutein Powder/DC/CWS - 10kg, 25kg drum
Lutein Oil - 10kg, 20kg drum

3. What’s application of luten?
As the main ingredient when producing Lutein soft capsule, Infant milk with lutein, lutein beverage and lutein hard capsule

4.Which certificates you have regarding lutein?
We have kosher, Halal, No-GMO, FDA, BSE for lutein