Update Time:2019/6/13
1. What’s the using quantity recommended?
EDTA is a very powerful chelation agent, with a recommended concentration of 100–300 parts per million.

2. Can it be used for all kind baking products?
EDTA salts (disodium and tetrasodium) can be used as sequestrants in many foods, and even beverages. EDTA reacts negatively with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and sodium bicarbonate. Therefore, it is not appropriate for use in chemically-leavened products like cake or donut batter. EDTA is usually used in shelf-stable filling or frosting.

3.  FDA limits for the direct addition of Disodium EDTA (salt (disodium and tetrasodium)) to food products.
    75 ppm in dressings
    150 ppm in aqueous multivitamin preparations
    315 ppm in ready-to-eat cereal products containing dried fruit
    *1 ppm = 1 mg/Kg or L of product
    25 ppm in fermented malt beverages
    100 ppm in flavored spreads
    200 ppm in eggs
    75 ppm in margarine
    100 ppm in frozen cut potatoes

4. What’s the package and loading quantity?
25/bag, 1FCL=20tons with pallets or 22/24tons without pallets.