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Max E-Sight™ Oil for Soft capsule

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Max E-Sight™ Oil for Soft capsule

Issue Time:2019-07-04
As we know the lutein and zeaxanthin naturally exists in marigold flower.

Max E-Sight™ oil is mixed nano Lutein (uniform-dispersion) with the vegetable oil and some antioxidants . That’s why our product is not easy to be oxidized, Usually, It’s used for eye health soft capsule or care products or fat-soluble products.So we normally take the lutein,lutein ester or zeaxanthin soft capsule after lunch or supper,in that case,active ingredients can be absorbed maximum.

In this way,MAX E-SIGHT™ Lutein Oil can be used in soft capsule production.Pls freely contact Email: sales@tnn.com.cn