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《E-commerce Festival 3.0》 in 2022

《E-commerce Festival 3.0》 in 2022

Issue Time:2022/05/25

With the continuous impact of COVID-19, the whole world trade situation is facing an unprecedented dilemma. As a Chinese enterprise with 24 years of export experience, we should fulfill our social responsibility at this moment, continuously provide high-quality products made in China to customers around the world who need it, and truly improve the lives of people around the world in difficult times.ImageImage

Therefore, in 2022, we launched the E-commerce Festival 3.0  to mobilize the strength of the whole company and strive to find people around the world who need Chinese products. At the end of April, Karl, the head of the company's e-commerce department, launched the e-commerce Festival and described the activity environment, purpose, rules and rewards in detail. Colleagues listened to the certification on site, raised some questions and suggestions, and understood the rules in detail.


After the end of labor day, our activity was officially and comprehensively launched. The activity was divided into six groups. Some groups were well prepared. At the beginning of the activity, they sprint. According to the daily results, each group has more or less achieved some results. The whole activity lasted until June 30. I believe that more customers who need Chinese products can be found through this activity, The company will make every effort to transport the products they need in place to ensure that people all over the world can have a better life!