Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide
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Product Advantage
Rutile has excellent performances such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and small specific gravity. 

It is widely used in military aviation, aerospace, marine, machinery, chemical industry and seawater desalination. Rutile itself is one of the necessary raw materials for high-grade welding electrodes, and is also the best raw material for producing rutile titanium dioxide.

Product Parameter

Process: Produced by sulfate process
TiO2 content (%):  ≥92.00
Rutile crystal content (%): ≥98.20
CIEL* : 98.00 min.
Relative tinting strength (%): ≥ 100
Matter soluble in water (%)≤0.4
Oil absorption (g/100g): 17~22
Water extracted PH: 6.5~8.5
105℃ loss 105℃ (%) ≤0.5
Residue (45um, %): ≤0.05
Water  extracted  resistivity (Ω·m): ≥80 Inorganic 
Treatment: Silica, Alumina
Organic Treatment: Yes
Note: * Tested by Konica Minolta’s CM-3500D



        Rutile can be used to produce plastic

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