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Max E-Sight™ Lutein Advantages

Max E-Sight™ Lutein Advantages

Issue Time:2019-07-04
Max E-Sight™ Lutein features:

Max E-Sight ™ Lutein has forms in normal powder,oil ,DC and CWS.

✔ Max E-Sight ™ Lutein content can be customized as customers' formulations.

✔ Max E-Sight ™ Lutein is produced according to ISO,FDA,KOSHER,HALAL regulations and strictly conform to statement of Vegan,BSE/TSE,NON-GMO,Gluten Free,

✔ Max E-Sight™Lutein passed test on:

 ◆ Low pesticide residue and low solvent residue (Merieux Nutri Science)

 ◆ PAHs-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocabons (SGS )

 ◆ Benzopyrene ( Pony)