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Soya lecithin

Soya lecithin

Update Time:2019/6/13
1. Why we should choose you for Soya lecithin?
a. The earliest manufacturer in China (1998)
b. The largest capacity in China(1200mt/month)

2. Q: What is your package of soya lecithin?
Packing 1: 200kg/drum without pallet, IFCL=19 6MT
Packing 2: 200kg/drum with pallet, IFCL=16MT

3. What is the dosage of lecithin in animals?
DIRECTION FOR USE (indicate kind of animals and dosage)
1-5% in Swine feed
1-5% in Broiler feed
1-5% in Laver Chicken feed
1-5% in Poultry feed
1-5% in Cattle feed
0.5-4% in Fish feed
1-5% in Shrimp feed
1-5% in Dog
1-5% in Cat

4. Which grade you can provide us with soya lecithin?
A: We can provide you Food grad feed grade (Aqua, Cattle and Poultry) and
Industry grade(Painting/Leather)