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Oct 28,2019


Sodium diacetate has the chemical formula NaH(C2H3O2)2, also named as sodium acid acetate or sodium hydrogen acetate. CAS number is 126-96-5.

Sodium diacetate is a colorless, solid salt of acetic acid that is used as a preservative and a flavoring agent as well as an antimicrobial agent. It has the E number E262.

Sodium diacetate has been designated as a safe substance by the FDA of the United States. Levels of this compound fall within good manufacturing practices, and for a range of food applications, specific levels are defined.

Sodium diacetate is now widely used in livestock and poultry feed.

Specification of sodium diacetate

Name of index


Test Result

Assay(Free acetic acid), %



Assay(Sodium acetate), %



Lead(Pb), ≤%



Readily Oxidizable Substances,  ≤%



Water, ≤%



pH(10% water solution),



The product above complies with the standard of FCC-VII.

Other names:

SODIUM DIACETATE; 126-96-5; Sodium Hydrogen Diacetate; Dykon; Acid Acetate; Acetic Acid Sodium Salt; Sodium Acid Acetate; E262

Not to be confused with sodium acetoacetate, a salt of acetoacetic acid or diacetic acid.


Physical and Chemical Properties:

1. Sodium diacetate is an unprescribed ADI and is recognized by the FDA as GRAS.

2. Sodium diacetate is white crystal, with acetic acid odor, easy to absorb moisture, easy to dissolve in water, heated to 150above decomposition, with flammability, in cool dry conditions stable property.

3. Sodium diacetate mainly depends on the decomposition of molecular acetic acid to play an antibacterial effect; SDA has a good inhibition of bacteria and mold.


Functions and features:

1. Sodium diacetate does not change the characteristics of food, is not affected by the food itself PH, participates in the metabolism of human body, produces CO2 and hydrogen peroxide, can be regarded as part of food, maintain the original color, fragrance and nutritional components of food.

2. Sodium diacetate is better than potassium sorbate in inhibiting fungi and has better anti-mildew and anti-corrosion effect than benzoates (sodium benzoate).

3. Sodium diacetate has a mild acidity and overcomes the irritating odor of propionates (calcium propionate).

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